Overcoming Social Obstacles

I had a question on my last post asking for advice on overcoming situations where people are stuck in their beliefs, unwilling to support or appreciate your family’s choice of living a vegan, healthy lifestyle. I definitely have had my share of naysayers, and as my son is only four months old, we can only imagine the lifetime of obstacles that are ahead of us.

The best thing I believe we, as vegan parents, can do, is to educate our children. Raising kids with a compassionate mindset is the most important thing that we can do to ensure that we maintain our beliefs as a family. 

Kasper has many vegan books, our favorite of which being, “V is for Vegan. The ABC’s of being Kind”. So from his birth he is learning about making respectful, conscious, and healthy choices.

In the meantime, before Kasper, and all of our children, can speak for themselves, we can try and educate those around us on why we make the choices we do. We must be strong in our beliefs and fully versed in explaining why we make the choices we do, and why it is what’s best for our children.

No-one has the right to tell us what is best for our children, but as soon as someone knows you’re even pregnant, they will start spewing out advice. It’s just the way things go. We must be prepared with explanations and stand firm. If someone is watching your child for you, have all of his food and snacks and drinks prepared, packed and ready for him. 

If you are having a confrontation with someone who thinks you are wrong for choosing an animal free lifestyle, just remind them how happy and healthy you and your family are. Explain to them how many of your health woe’s have been solved once deciding to live this way. Keep in mind that we, as vegans, should never put anyone down for consuming animal products, all we can do is educate people on why we choose to do what we do. We can not control other peoples choices so there is no reason to try and force our beliefs on them.

All in all, there will always be people that are unhappy with your choices. Never let them sway your beliefs, and always stay true to your decisions. If some people that you are close with just can not accept how you and your family choose to live, then you simply must separate yourselves from them. Our lives are too short to willingly allow people to constantly put down our beliefs. Stay strong and continue to live long, healthy, mindful lives!