Raising a Vegan Infant

My son Kasper was born on Christmas Eve of last year, 2016. My entire pregnancy was vegan, and he continues to be today, at four months old.

Kasper was exclusively fed breast milk from a bottle until I had to go back to work at 3 months old. We use soy formula, out of necessity. Of course I would give anything to be able to breastfeed him still, but he was never able to latch and I had a low milk supply from the start. He is not ready to eat solid foods yet, but is showing signs and cues of being interested in food.

It is so much healthier for babies to be vegan. Think of all the amazing things they can have, and how most “baby foods” in jars are vegan. Blended fruits and vegetables have long been the standard food for babies, and with good reason.

When Kasper starts on solid foods, he will explore bananas, avocados, blended carrots and more. I will share my green smoothies with him, and show him the beauty of fresh and organic foods from mother earth. The world is at his fingertips, and I cant wait to help him take it and run.



  1. Eddie Bell says

    I would love to learn more first hand from a mother who believes in veganism for her children as well. My son is 15 months and I ve received a lot of resistance from family members that simply cannot comprehend a baby being raised without animal products! Any advice on how to combat situations with people who are so stuck in old belief systems, my husband and I seem to be struggling with this.

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